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In early September, we welcomed our new cohort of 25 PHI/CDC Global Health Fellows for New Fellow Orientation at CDC Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The Fellows are all graduates from CEPH accredited schools with either their Master of Public Health and/or PhD in Public Health. This year, the fellowship had a notably competitive acceptance rate of 6.79%, which speaks to the highly accomplished pool of applicants we received.

New Fellows from this cohort are placed at CDC offices in Atlanta, along with CDC offices in 10 African countries: Eswatini, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, South Africa, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, and Mozambique. Out of the 6 technical areas, there are 12 Surveillance Fellows, 6 Monitoring & Evaluation Fellows, 3 Program Management Fellows, 3 Epidemiology Fellows and 1 HIV Prevention Fellow. This distribution among the technical areas changes year to year based on the needs of CDC offices around the world. Our new cohort joins our renewing group of Fellows already in the field, which brings the total to 48 current PHI/CDC Global Health Fellows in 14 countries.

New Fellow Orientation Highlights
  • Orientation opened with the Global Health Matters Seminar featuring Dr. Mary Pittman (CEO & President of Public Health Institute) and Dr. Keith Martin (founding Executive Director of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health) and the opportunity for Fellows to network with each other and program staff:
  • Dr. Pascale Krumm, Communications Specialist with CDC Center for Global Health, offered tips and tricks to fellows for creating engaging presentations.

Dr. Krumm presenting to Fellows

  • CDC Mentors welcomed fellows in a panel to guide them on building strong mentor-mentee relationships. Thank you to the following Mentors for participating in the panel:
    • Anne F. McIntyre, PhD, MPH, Epidemiologist at CDC
    • Christine A. West, PhD, MSN/MPH, Epidemiologist at CDC
    • Megan A. Bronson, MA, MPH, Epidemiologist at CDC

CDC Mentors

  • A selection of renewing Fellows and one alumna welcomed our new cohort and provided guidance on creating the most of their fellowship. Thank you to the following Fellows and Alumna:
    • Gregory Chang, MPH, Surveillance Fellow
    • Mary Gaeddert, MPH, Program Management Fellow
    • M. Nolana Woolfork, DrPH, Epidemiology Fellow
    • Shreya Patel, MPH, Surveillance Fellow
    • Solape Ajiboye, MPH, Former HIV Surveillance Fellow & Current Epidemiologist at Rumph & Associates, P.C. contracted with CDC
Thank You & Congratulations!

Thank you to the Global Health Workforce Panel, which is composed of global health experts managed in partnership with the Consortium of Universities for Global Health, who voluntarily reviewed 385 applications for CDC this year. Thank you as well to everyone who made the New Fellow Orientation a success, and CDC Headquarters and CDC Program Officer Christine Jolley for hosting us.

New Fellows at the close of Orientation

Congratulations to all our new Fellows. We look forward to following your journey at CDC offices around the world this year!