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With 2020 underway and our 2020-2021 application season now closed, we are reflecting on the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program highlights and Fellows’ accomplishments in 2019:

Fellows at a Glance:

In 2019, we had a total of 48 Fellows stationed in the U.S. and overseas, concentrating on 1 of 6 tracks. Fellows were located in Atlanta and D.C. domestically, and in the following countries: Botswana, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Guatemala, Haiti, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, eSwatini, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe:

Professional Development, Publications & Presentations:

Our Fellows pursued professional development trainings around the world, worked on publications and presentations, and received mentorship and on-the-job experience at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offices in Atlanta and overseas.

93% of Fellows gained additional training in a variety of coursework that ranged from language training to scientific writing courses to data analysis bootcamps. These learning opportunities were conducted by a diverse group of universities and public health institutions, including UNAIDS, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, CDC, WHO Collaboration Centre, International Governance of Global Health at the University of Barcelona, and Royal Tropical Institute. 74% of Fellows worked on publications in 2019 and 67% gave presentations.

Congratulations to the following Fellows in 2019 whose publications or presentations were finalized:

Other examples of Fellows’ accomplishments in 2019 include assessment of Guatemala’s 10-year surveillance system, spearheading data management processes for CDC South Africa’s 90-90-90 surge program, and implementing HIV recency surveillance in Namibia and TRACE informatics technical working group. Our Fellows sum it up the best when noting what an invaluable experience it is to have on the ground training with CDC experts:

First Annual Fellows Showcase & Awards Ceremony:

We hosted our First Annual Fellows Showcase & Awards Ceremony in July 2019 at CDC Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. You can read more about the showcase here. We look forward to hosting this event again in 2020. Congratulations again to all our recipients:

In addition, CDC Malawi Country Director & Mentor Nicole Buono recognized Fellow Sarah Shaw, MPH, with an Extra Mile Award, recognizing Sarah’s “tireless efforts…high level of attention to detail [and] collaboration.” Congratulations, Sarah!

Advice for Future Fellows :

In looking ahead there are many lessons to take away from Fellows’ experiences. Here are a few highlights:

Thank you for following along with the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program. We are excited to see share more accomplishments from the program and Fellows in 2020!