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On September 1st, the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program welcomed 32 new Global Health Fellows.

Of the 32 new fellows, 9 fellows will be supporting CDC’s Center for Global Health in Atlanta, Georgia, with the remainder supporting CDC offices in 16 countries around the world. All fellows hold either an MPH, MSPH or PhD in public health from a CEPH accredited school. To view photos and bios of our new fellows (along with all of our current fellows) visit the Meet the Fellows page.

Collectively, new fellows speak 15 languages, hold advanced degrees from 23 universities and have previously worked in over 40 countries. They bring their impressive skillsets to CDC’s Division of Global HIV & TB, Division of Global Health Protection, Office of the Director, and Global Immunization Division.


Fellows began their Orientation virtually, meeting each other and with staff over Zoom from September 1st through 3rd. From there, staff and fellows took advantage of being fully vaccinated and met in person in Decatur, Georgia for the second week of September.

A highlight of the first week was hearing from three CDC mentors who joined the fellows virtually to share their advice for working at CDC: Dr. Hammad Ali, Dr. Janell Wright and Nick Schaad, MPH.

During the second week, fellows heard from four current fellows in an in-person panel. Fellows shared advice on taking advantage of the fellowship and working during a pandemic from Ayayi Ayite MPH MBA, Danielle Fernandez MPH, Tiffany Tran MPH and Justin Wellins MPH.

It was a whirlwind of a week as new fellows met with program staff, learned best practices about topics like travel safety and goal setting, picked up their badge and equipment from CDC campus and built relationships with each other before beginning their assignments. Staff from Consortium of Universities for Global Health and CDC also shared their insights on topics such as professional development, creating meaningful presentations, and contributing to CDC’s Emergency Operations Center.

Program Staff would like to thank the Center for Global Health, Public Health Institute, CUGH, Felicia Warren, Dr. Hammad Ali, Dr. Janell Wright, Nick Schaad MPH, Ayayi Ayite MPH MBA, Danielle Fernandez MPH, Tiffany Tran MPH and Justin Wellins MPH, and the Hampton Inn & Suites in Decatur, Georgia for making the 2021 Orientation a success.

-Whitney Hall, Administration & Communications Specialist