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On July 21st, the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program hosted the fourth annual Fellows’ Showcase and Awards Ceremony on Zoom. Over 130 people tuned in from around the world, including fellows, mentors, CDC host office staff, alumni and program staff.


Current Global Health Security Fellow, William Jardell, MPH, moderated the Fellows’ Showcase. Nine fellows presented their work or reflections on Capacity Building, Global Health Security, Operations and Relationships.

Three fellows presented on Capacity Building:
  • Sarah Legare, MPH CPHQ; Surveillance Fellow (Georgia Country Office): Antimicrobial Resistance in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Zaena Tessema, MPH; Surveillance TRACE Fellow (Atlanta): 2020-2022 Fellowship Highlights
  • Caleb Ward, MPH; Global Epidemiology Fellow (Georgia Country Office): Capacity Building Through Information Technology in the Republic of Georgia
Two Fellows presented on Global Health Security:
  • Sarah Alger, MPH; Strategic Information Fellow (Uganda Country Office): Community Insights To Prevent Future Outbreaks of Anthrax in Uganda
  • Gwladys Emmane Fotso Chekam, MPH; Surveillance Fellow (Atlanta): Understanding Surveillance Systems for Viral Respiratory Diseases In Middle East North Africa Countries During Initial and Continuum COVID-19 Pandemic
Two Fellows presented on Operations:
  • Christopher Coox, MPH; HIV/AIDS Prevention Fellow (Cameroon): Improving Supply Chain Management Through Development of Active Commodities Tracking System
  • Nessa Ryan, PhD, MPH: Incorporating gender in immunization
Lastly, one fellow presented on Relationships:
  • Malavika Divakaran, MPH; Program Management Fellow (Atlanta): Going Beyond Thank You

The Fellows’ Showcase was followed by the 2022 Fellowship Awards. In May, fellows nominated mentors and mentors nominated fellows. Nominations were redacted to remove gender, names and country to reduce unconscious bias. A volunteer Awards Review Committee comprised of program staff (Theresa Milbrodt, Mike Sage MPH and Roara Michael MHA), CDC Project Officer (Mike Waldmiller MPH), and program alumni (*Danielle Fernandez MPH, Maria Bohri MPH, Orrin Tiberi MPH, Alison Yoos MPH).

*As Danielle is a recent alumna who ended the fellowship program in February, her mentor was able to nominate her for a 2022 award. Danielle did not review or vote on the Outstanding Leadership category as a result.

Congratulations to this year’s nominees:
Congratulations to this year’s recipients:

BEST TEAM PLAYER AWARD (this award went to one first year fellow and one second or third year fellow):

Isabella Fabens MPH: “Isabella is a true team player. Despite having minimal communications experience, she dove right into her new role getting to know everyone across the CDC office and building relationships with the implementing partners, Ministry of Health and other key communications stakeholders. -Waverly Vosburgh, Deputy Program Director, DGHP, CDC Uganda

Sarah Alger MPH: “Sarah Alger has made tremendous contributions to CDC Uganda and our partners. She is placed with DGHT, but she has exemplified a “OneCDC” approach to teamwork, excellence, and public health impact….From the beginning, she has been an invaluable asset to CDC Uganda and has eagerly contributed across divisions and technical areas. -Arthur Fitzmaurice, Senior Program Advisor, DGHT/OD, CDC Uganda


Christopher Coox MPH: “Chris developed a robust tool to monitor supply chain activities at [the] health facility level, which was field tested, with upgrades done to capture supply chain information including ordering patterns for all 308 PEPFAR supported sites.” -Magdalene Mayer, Public Health Specialist, DGHT, CDC Cameroon


Stephanie O’Connor MPH: “Stephanie has been essential in creating valuable analytical tools for the CDC global community to utilize and her efforts have already shown positive change in how DGHT and country colleagues approach TB data-driven decision making.” -William Coggin, Team Lead, PROSE Team, CGH/DGHT/GTB


William Jardell MPH: “Will has communicated clearly and respectfully, always shown continuous flexibility and eagerness to learn, and repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to help and contribute to the team and others in the best way possible.”-Cynthia H. Cassell, Applied Research Lead, CGH, DGHP, OD, SSIO

OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP AWARD (this award was tied this year):

Danielle Fernandez MPH: “Danielle was a stellar member of our team and branch. She is a trailblazer and has proven herself to be an upcoming leader, successfully leading multiple projects and activities – not only within the team, branch, and division, but outside the center.” -Dr. Hammad Ali, Medical Epidemiologist, CGH/DGHT/ESB & Dr. Michael Martin, Medical Epidemiologist

Paola Rullan Oliver MPH: “Paola Rullan is an exceptional member of the Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) team, where she supports training programs in Central and South American countries, as well as in the lusophone countries. She has unique skills and abilities that have allowed her to contribute immediately and in important ways. Paola has quickly learned the fundamentals of FETP and has demonstrated natural leadership skills.” -Augusto Lopez, Medical Officer, CGH/DGHP/WIDB/FETP


Mitsuki Koh MPH: “Throughout Mitsuki’s fellowship, she has demonstrated flexibility, adaptability, and resilience through multiple unanticipated events, any one of which would have been a justifiable reason to terminate the fellowship early…Through the uncertainties and stresses, Mitsuki always remained calm and pragmatic. She also enthusiastically stretched beyond her role to support emerging needs.” -Michelle Li, Epidemiologist, Strategic Information Chief, DGHP


Dr. Matthew Moore: “Matt consistently makes himself available to me as a Fellow, and I see him actively providing the same level of support to others…Matt is both humble and culturally sensitive, leadership qualities I admire…I have had few supervisors about whom I can say that I hope to emulate their leadership. However, Matt is definitely one of them.” -Allison Olmstead, MPH, Epidemiology Fellow, DGHP


Sadhna Patel MPH: “As a mentor and a team leader, Sadhna exemplifies all the qualities that help foster a creative, positive, and solutions-oriented environment for a team to thrive. As my mentor she’s shown time again how dedicated she is to my growth and success.” -Niharika Tiwari, MPH; Monitoring & Evaluation Fellow, DGHT

Thank you to everyone who made this event a success: fellows, mentors, host office staff, CGH leadership, program staff, and attendees. We look forward to hosting next year’s event and highlighting the accomplishments and relationships built by fellows and mentors.