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The PHI/CDC Global Health Podcast features stories from the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program, a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded program, implemented by the Public Health Institute, where Fellows are guided by leading global health experts from the CDC. Fellows work on the front lines of global health, developing the technical and professional skills needed to make meaningful contributions to today’s global health challenges.

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Episode 14: Global Epidemiology & Immunization Safety with Courtney Sciarratta, MPH

Courtney Sciarratta, MPH, is a PHI/CDC Global Epidemiology Fellow with the Global Immunization Safety Team in the Global Immunization Division at CDC’s Center for Global Health. Courtney discusses her time spent working in global health in Latin America and Uganda, and her work on global immunization and the COVID-19 response with CDC. To learn more about Courtney, check out the recorded CUGH Satellite Session: “Resiliency in the Global Health Workforce During the COVID-19 Pandemic” here: https://bit.ly/33w1yct or read about the event in our blog: https://bit.ly/3tt0HUy This episode is hosted by Whitney Hall and Jasdeep Dulay.

Episode 13: Medical Epidemiology at CDC’s Center for Global Health with Dr. Hammad Ali

Originally from Pakistan, Dr. Hammad Ali first became a physician before working in public health. He discusses his path to CDC, shares advice for those interested in the world of global health, and discusses his many field experiences around the world as a Medical Epidemiologist.

Episode 12: Following Your Purpose and Creating Meaningful Mentorship in Global Health with Grace Adofoli, MPH MSW

Grace Adofoli, MPH/MSW is a Project Manager for Chickasaw Nation Industries. For 2.5 years, Grace served as a Program Management Fellow for CDC’s Center for Global Health in the Overseas Operations Office in Atlanta, Georgia and remains close with her CDC mentors. She discusses her time as a fellow, her passion for holistic public health and the African diaspora, and shares advice for others on following a sense of purpose and building their careers in public health.

*** PHI/CDC Global Health Fellows are Contractors via Public Health Institute and are provided a variety of allowances along with a monthly stipend. For more information about fellowship specifics, visit What is a Fellow. ***

Episode 11: From Ebola to COVID-19: Life as a Behavioral Scientist at CDC with Dr. Neetu Abad

Neetu Abad, PhD is a Behavioral Scientist for the Immunization Systems Branch at CDC headquarters in Atlanta, and serves as a mentor for the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program. She has worked at CDC for over 10 years and holds a PhD in social psychology. She discusses her path to global health and her work on vaccines and outbreaks as a Behavioral Scientist, from responding to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa to her current work on the COVID-19 response in the US.

Episode 10: Reflecting on Over 30 Years at CDC with Mike Sage, MPH

Mike Sage, MPH is Program Director for the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program. He currently holds an appointment as Guest Researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and serves as a senior consultant to the Public Health Institute (PHI). In this episode, Mike reflects on his career of 34 years at CDC which included leadership positions in the Public Health Portfolio Management Program, the Office of Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response, and Policy, Evaluation, and Planning at the National Center for Environmental Health, among others.

Episode 9: Vaccine Introduction as a Fellow and Epidemiologist at CDC with Anyie Li, MPH

Anyie Li, MPH is an Epidemiologist and CDC Foundation Field Employee for the Vaccine Introduction Team, in the Immunization Systems Branch, Global Immunization Division, within CDC’s Center for Global Health. Anyie is an alumna of the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program and served as a Fellow from 2016 to 2018 on the same team she currently works on in Atlanta, Georgia. She discusses her first exposure to public health working on the Thailand/Myanmar border with refugees, as well as her current work on the HPV vaccine and COVID-19 response.

Episode 8: Global Health Recruitment & Fellowship Support with Natascia Al-Kass, MS

Natascia Al-Kass, MS, is the Recruitment & Fellowship Support Coordinator for the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program, based in Oakland, CA. Natascia shares her expertise in leading the program’s recruitment process and supporting domestic and overseas-based fellows throughout the program year.

Episode 7: Global Health Outreach & Virtual Networking with Roara Michael, MHA

Roara Michael, MHA, is the University Liaison Program Officer at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health based in Washington D.C.. Roara leads PHI/CDC’s outreach efforts with universities and public health programs across the country, and supports Fellows seeking professional development opportunities.

Episode 6: Strengthening Access to Immunizations with Aybüke Koyuncu, MPH


Aybüke Koyuncu, MPH, is a PHI/CDC Global Epidemiology Fellow within the Immunization Systems Branch at CDC’s Center for Global Health. She discusses her work supporting interventions aimed at improving coverage of routine immunizations and data analysis on public knowledge, attitude and practices related to immunizations around the world.

Episode 5: Lessons in Global Health Security at CDC with Maureen Bartee, MPH

Maureen Bartee, MPH, is the Associate Director for Global Health Security within CDC’s Center for Global Health. She holds 22 years of experience with CDC, and currently leads CDC’s work on their global health security agenda, policy and strategy discussions with other US agencies and international partners.

Episode 4: Emergency Response & Monitoring & Evaluating Outbreaks with Samantha Gross, MPH

PHI/CDC Monitoring & Evaluation Fellow, Samantha Gross, MPH, discusses her experience with CDC Center for Global Health’s Division of Global HIV & Tuberculosis. She has held 3 assignments with CDC’s Emergency Operations Center responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Samantha discusses her background working in monitoring and evaluation and global health, and emergency response.

Episode 3: Mitigating COVID-19 & Supporting CDC Zambia with Robyn Bernstein, MPH

PHI/CDC Surveillance Fellow, Robyn Bernstein, MPH, discusses her experience with CDC Zambia’s Division of Global HIV & Tuberculosis. Robyn also elaborates on her time as Strategic Information Coordinator for the COVID-19 International Task Force- Strategic Information Unit Mitigation Team, part of CDC’s Emergency Operations Center.

Episode 2: Mapping COVID-19 & Building Global Health Capacity with Greg Chang, MPH

PHI/CDC Surveillance Fellow, Greg Chang, MPH, discusses his experience serving on CDC’s International Epidemiology Team responding to COVID-19 and his work on Population-based HIV Impact Assessments with the Division of Global HIV & Tuberculosis for CDC’s Center for Global Health.

Episode 1: COVID-19 & the Cruise Ship Task Force with Riley Wagner, MPH

This episode features Riley Wagner, MPH, who is a Global Program Management Fellow for CDC’s Center for Global Health Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Riley was the first of currently 24 Fellows to be assigned to CDC’s Emergency Operations Center in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Riley discusses her experience on the EOC and elaborates on her work with the Cruise Ship Task Force.

The PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program is implemented for CDC by the Public Health Institute and its partner Consortium of Universities for Global Health.


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