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General Questions About the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program:

The PHI-CDC Fellowship program will end on August 14, 2023 and so too will all fellowship assignments. In January 2023, CDC decided not to solicit a new Co-Operative Agreement for the fellowship program. If you are interested in other fellowship opportunities at CDC, please visit CDC’s fellowship page. If you are interested in global health opportunities at Public Health Institute please visit Current Opportunities.


View the FAQ about the program in this short video (and find the written questions and answers below):

What are the geographic locations for prospective fellowship placements?

Fellowship locations may vary each year and within each track, to include Atlanta, or a variety of overseas locations. If you are selected for an interview, interviewees will be notified of their fellowship assignments and location. Feel free to explore the geographical locations of all past and current fellows under the Meet the Fellows.

When does the fellowship year begin, and can I apply to the fellowship during various times throughout the fellowship year?

The first fellowship year goes from September 1st to August 14th the following year. Due to intricate onboarding of the fellowship program, we only accept applications once a year.

How does the PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program differ from other fellowship programs focused on global health?

The PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program offers recent global and public health graduates from CEPH-accredited schools and programs the opportunity to work with leading CDC experts to apply academic knowledge to real world situations. While fellows work on the same projects and activities as CDC employees, their fellowship is focused on training and gaining the skills that may not be learned in academic programs but are needed to be successful in the global public health field.

What do fellows do?

Fellows work directly on projects and activities across the program’s six technical areas in the CDC headquarters in Atlanta or in CDC host offices overseas. For examples of their work, visit What is a Fellow or News and Blogs.

Do you have any more information on the fellowship tracks?

Each fellowship placement is unique and their individual fellowship assignment may change year to year. We have included a few fellowship description samples from each fellowship track to provide a better idea of the kind of work fellows may embark on. Check out sample fellowship descriptions for each track under What is a Fellow an also find articles highlighting Fellows’ successes by following us on social media and exploring our News and Blogs.

Does your program accommodate spouse or family members to my fellowship placement?

The fellowship does not extend any financial or operational support to accompanying family members. Should you choose to relocate with your family or spouse this would be at your personal discretion and expense.

How much are Fellows’ stipends? How do you determine what they earn?

Stipends are based on Atlanta’s General Schedule (GS) pay scale, GS-8 Step 1 for MPH or MSPH level placements and GS-9 Step 1 for PhD in Public Health level placements.  Stipends are prorated to 11.5 months in the first fellowship year, and anytime a fellow does not complete a full fellowship year.

What do fellows commonly do after completing the fellowship?

Fellows embark on a variety of career paths after completing the fellowship, including pursuing higher education, continuing their work with CDC, and working for implementing partners in the global health field. Our Alumni page has several examples of where our fellows go after completing the fellowship.

The PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program is implemented for CDC by the Public Health Institute and its partner Consortium of Universities for Global Health.


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