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Once the application period closes for the fellowship, the recruitment specialist, and panel of reviewers will review all application materials and forward top applicants to the CDC Mentors. CDC Mentors will review the referred applicants and select individuals for interview. CDC Mentors will directly arrange interviews and top applicants may receive one or more interviews. Not all top applicants will receive an interview, and it is possible you may not be contacted for an interview. We encourage you to apply again next year. Once interviews are complete, PHI-CDC program team will notify the finalist(s) of their selection depending satisfactory documentation verification, satisfactory reference checks and a satisfactory CDC issued background check. Once these steps are complete, PHI-CDC program team will notify all applicants that a fellowship placement decision has been made.
It is not necessary for you to call or email to follow up so long as you received a "thank you for your submission" message from our online recruitment system acknowledging receipt of your application materials. To receive email updates on the status of your application be sure to include info@phi-cdcfellow.org on your email’s safe list. This will ensure that your spam filter does not erroneously filter out PHI-CDC's messages. If you still do not receive an email update from us after changing your settings, please contact us at info@phi-cdcfellows.org to inquire about the status of your application.
If you are selected for an interview, interviewees will be notified of their fellowship assignments and location. Fellowship locations may vary within each track, to include Atlanta, DC, or overseas locations.
The PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program offers recent global and public health graduates from CEPH-accredited schools and programs the opportunity to work with leading CDC experts to apply academic knowledge to real world situations. While fellows work on the same projects and activities as CDC employees, their fellowship is focused on training and gaining the skills that may not be learned in degree programs, but are needed to be successful in the global public health field.
Fellows work directly on projects and activities across the program’s six technical areas in the CDC headquarters in Atlanta or in CDC host offices overseas. For examples of their work, see the "WHAT IS A FELLOW" page.
Currently, we are only accepting applicants who hold a MPH or PhD in Public Health. We understand CEPH-accreditation spans across programs and degrees that may be similar. Please confirm to ensure you are not just concentrating in Global Health or Epidemiology, but you will still be receiving a MPH with your degree program.
The fellowship does not extend any financial or operational support to accompanying family members. Should you choose to relocate with your family or spouse this would be at your personal discretion and expense.
Please include your languages in your resume under the skills and languages section.
For more information on the application process, timeline, and deadlines, visit the "APPLY TO BE A FELLOW" page.
The basic requirements to apply for the program include having an MPH or PhD in Public Health from a CEPH-accredited school or program, and being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
For applicants to qualify as recent graduate, they must complete their MPH or PhD in Public Health prior to the beginning of the fellowship placement or have completed it within the last five years.
Being a PHI/CDC Global Health Fellow requires extensive technical knowledge of the public health field. Accreditation through CEPH ensures that the public health schools and programs meet the highest standards. CDC also has a successful history of recruiting highly qualified individuals from CEPH-accredited schools and programs. This does not mean that individuals who did not attend a CEPH-accredited school or program are not highly qualified or technically skilled, but it is a requirement of the program.
No. The fellowship is only open to U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents. If you do not meet these requirements, you are not eligible to apply. See the next question for further detail.
All fellowships require security clearances that only a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident are eligible to attain. Being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident is required for every individual applying to be a PHI/CDC Global Health Fellow.
Yes, you may apply to up to three (3) fellowship tracks. However, the most successful placements occur when candidates apply for fellowships where they are qualified and have skills that are applicable to the selected fellowship tracks.
Yes, you are eligible to apply. If you have completed your MPH or PhD in Public Health from a CEPH-accredited school or program prior to the beginning of the fellowship placement in September, you may submit your application for review. Please indicate in your application your anticipated graduation date. Selected finalist will be required to provide a copy of their transcript as proof of graduation.
Please see the “WHAT IS A FELLOW?” page for the application timeline. If selected as a finalist, you will receive notification of the next steps in preparation for fellowship placement. If you have questions about the status of your application, please contact us at info@phi-cdcfellows.org.
Fellows are provided stipends that correspond with their education level. The stipends for fellowship placements are $48,109 for Masters level candidates, and $53,137 for Doctoral level candidates. Stipends are based on the General Schedule (GS) pay scale, GS-8 Step 1 for Master’s level candidates and GS-9 Step 1 for Doctoral level candidates.
The fellowship track descriptions and samples of fellowship assignment descriptions can be found under the “what is a fellow’s” page.
Please refer to the recruitment timeline found in the, “what is a fellow” page. Top finalist’s will be contacted to submit references sometime between April/May. Finalists will be provided further instructions, and ample notice to remind their references once we have reached that stage of the process.

The PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program is implemented for CDC by the Public Health Institute and its partner Consortium of Universities for Global Health.


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